Overview: Chardham Yatra Package

Char Dham yatra has always been for the most pious and devoted from various walks of life for millenniums. The great saints and azhwars (alwars) who trekked their way to these heavenly abodes from south of India advised pilgrims to take chota char dham (Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri) trip at least once in their lifetimes. Until a few decades ago the terrains of the mighty Himalayas were dangerous and the climatic conditions inhospitable for pilgrims to visit easily. Life was difficult, now it has all changed with developing infrastructure.
Pilgrims from the eastern cities such as Kolkata / Cuttack / Bhubaneshwar / Jamshedpur are being offered a great deal by Namita Travels, Haridwar at just ₹ 28,000/ per head.

Note: Please bring proper warm clothes as climate in the Himalayas are not warm even in summer months and the culture is different, shops and ATMs get open quickly and close early. Life is almost non-existent after 8 pm.
We will be serving you breakfast, lunch and dinner (all vegetarian only) on your entire trip.

Day 01: New Delhi airport to Haridwar is about 228 kms.

Your pilgrimage starts, we pick you up in New Delhi airport, from there we will take you to Haridwar for you to have darshans at ancient temples of Ma Chandi Devi, rope ways trip to Mansa Devi hill temple, then in the evening let you attend the legendary Ganga aarti in Har ki pauri ghat in Haridwar. Dinner and rest in the best available hotel before you embark on your once in a life time char dham yatra the next day after some fun moments in Mussoorie (the queen of hill stations in India) which is not so far away.
Breakfast Dinner

Day 2: Haridwar to Mussoorie is about 84 kms.

After breakfast we take you to Mussoorie via Dehradun the capital of Uttarakhand state. You might have been to many hill stations in your life time but nothing more beautiful than the queen of hills, with many Maggie Points enroute, water falls, cloud covered peaks Mussoorie is for the sheer romantics. By walking through the Mall road, you will feel on top of the world. The band stand is a great attraction in Mussoorie, in the days gone by it was a place from where live music was played for the English nobles who used to stay in the nearby hotel savoy. The band stand still attracts a great number of tourists to take selfies. You can shop, dine in the Mall road, our package also includes a night stay in Mussoorie before your pilgrimage trip to char dham from the next day.
Breakfast Dinner

Day 03: Mussoorie to Barkot is about 92 kms.

After breakfast in Mussoorie, we take you to Barkot via one of the greenest belts of Himalayas, for almost half the way you can see the pristine waters of Yamuna flowing along the road, not the contaminated Yamuna river you see down hills in NCR, this is something special. You start to feel for the ancient river how this beautiful river is spoilt downhills. The route after Naugaon is nothing short of what you see in wallpapers. Barkot is a tri-junction town from where Yamunotri road takes a different turn. This is where you can go out and spend some time as we will be staying there for the night.
Breakfast Dinner

Day 04: Barkot to Yamunotri and return 92 kms.

After breakfast in Barkot, we will embark on our trip to Yamunotri via Hanuman chatti. You can have a quick darshan in the ancient temple on the way. Please make sure you bring a pair of extra clothes to take dip in the garam kund (hot water spring) and also in Yamuna’s flowing water In Yamunotri before going for a darshan fresh and clean inside Ma Yamuna’s temple. We will return to Barkot before dusk to take rest for the night.
Breakfast Dinner

Day 05: Barkot to Uttarkashi is about 80 Kms.

We will take you to the ancient Kashi Vishwanath temple in Uttarkashi (Uttarkashi means the Kashi of the north) Lord Shiva’s trident (trishul) is of great significance here as this Trishul was used by Goddess Durga against the Asuras. The upper part of the Trident is made of iron and the lower part is of copper. The very heavy 6 meters Trident cannot be moved an inch even if you use your entire body strength but if you touch it with a finger the Trident will vibrate. Attending Aarti in the ancient temple is a very liberating experience, once you have finished you can take a walk along the mighty Baghirathi river (Baghirathi is Ganga river but she takes name of Ganga from down hill Deva prayag), then retire to bed for the night.
Breakfast Dinner

Day 06: Uttarkashi to Gangotri and return is about 198 Kms.

Please ensure you have extra pair of clothes before leaving for Gangotri to bath in the pure, crystal clear Bhagirathi (Ganga) river, the ghat is very near Gangotri temple. We will leave Uttarkashi early in the morning we will leave for Gangotri via Gangnani (the place where lord Shiva and Parvati used to bath), the picturesque Himalayan town of Harsil famous for its Apple orchards and red kidney beans Rajma, then we will cross over the ancient Bhairon Ghati before reaching Gangotri. After having darshan we will return to Uttarkashi for the night stay.
Breakfast Dinner

Day 07: Uttarkashi to Guptkashi is about 271 Kms.

After breakfast we will take you to Guptkashi via New Tehri, you will see great Himalayan landscapes through the windows, to top it up you can see the famous Tehri lake in its beautiful best, in winters the lake is covered with cloudy mist, so summer is great time. Then we cross over Rudraprayag town and Agustmuni (the place where revered and powerful sage Agastiya used to penance for a long time before shifting his base to south India) The temple in Guptkashi is said to house the original Shiva Lingam of Kashi Vishwanath temple in Kashi since 1669. The Pundits of Kashi Vishwanath shifted the idol in fear of the evil Mughal rulers, the idol has remined here ever since. We will stay for the night in Guptkashi / Phata a nearby village.
Breakfast Dinner

Day 08: Guptkashi / Phata to Kedarnath and return is about 90 Kms.

In the morning after breakfast we will leave for helipad to reach Kedarnath, even here it is best to have an extra pair of clothes if you wish to take a dip in the great Mandakini river (which later becomes Alaknanda in Rudraprayag, which later becomes Ganga downstream in Deva Prayag). Once you have your darshan of the great Lord Shiva in Kedarnath we will return by helicopter to Guptkashi / Phata for the night. If time permits, we will take you to Gauri Kund the bathing place of Goddess Parvati, this is where she made Lord Ganesha (the boy) with her powers and turmeric, she asked him to guard her from being seen by others. Our ancient scriptures have a great story on the birth of Lord Ganesha. It all started from here.
Breakfast Dinner

Day 09: Guptkashi / Phata to Badrinath is about 173 Kms.

After breakfast we will leave for Badrinath via some beautiful towns like the hill station Chopta, Pipalkoti a small Himalayan hamlet & a bigger town Joshimath. On the way you will pass through Himalayan biosphere in Vishnu Prayag, the place is worth taking photographs, it is like being in the lap of nature, the eco-friendliest place you will find in India. We will rest for the night in Badrinath.
Breakfast Dinner

Day 10: Badrinath to Mana to Rudraprayag is about 156 Kms.

You can bath in Garam Kund (Sacred Hot water spring of Alaknanda river) just below the temple, you can change over your clothes and go for darshan in the morning before breakfast. Once you are done with the darshan of the great Lord we will take you to Mana the last village of Indian territory. Mana is the place from where Lord Ganesha wrote the entire Mahabharata inside a cave which is around 5,200 years old, dictated by great sage Veda Vyasa who was having a live vision when the story was unfolding. After Ganesh Gufa you can see the Bhima Shila which was installed across the Saraswati river by the great Pandava warrior Bhima sena. Pandavas went walking up from here after renouncing all their worldly wealth, kingdom and all luxuries towards Swarg rohini before their death.

We will return from Mana to Rudraprayag via Joshimath, in Joshimath we will visit Narsingh Badri and the great Adi Shankaracharya kuteer, father of Brahminism, he lived here in Joshimath for over 7 years as a boy saint. We will return to Rudraprayag for the night stay.
Breakfast Dinner

Day 11: Rudraparayag to Haridwar is about 161 Kms.

On return trip we will stop at Deva Prayag where the confluence of Alaknanda, the underwater Saraswati and Bhagirathi rivers become Ganga here. Once you have darshan of the Ganga river will reach Rishikesh where you can see both the famous bridges Ram jhula and Laxman jhula before we will return to Haridwar and spend the night there.
Breakfast Dinner

Day 12: Haridwar to New Delhi Airport is about 228 Kms.

We will drop you back in the airport from where we picked you up. We will also hope that you had a great pilgrimage and are taking great memories with you. We (Namita Travels – Haridwar) always want to be your pilgrim partners and be of assistance.
Breakfast Dinner

  • Tea/coffee at every stop on the way while travelling
  • Frooti and snacks on arrival to hotels
  • Refreshments after adventure sports
  • Softy/ Cold drink during leisurely walks
  • Occasional Chips and candies to kids
  • 1 Litre Packaged drinking water per day per guest

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